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Easy Sourdough Yeast Mini Burger Buns Made with Milk and Caputo Red

Updated: Jul 7

Mini Burger Buns with Sourdough Yeast the Ultimate Recipe
Mini Burger Buns with Sourdough Yeast the Ultimate Recipe

The Mini Burger Buns with Sourdough Yeast recipe was a surprise; I wasn't sure of the result as this was my first time making them. I made my sourdough starter many years ago, but I usually use it to make rustic bread rather than buns.


A few days ago, on the occasion of my daughter's upcoming birthday party, and after tasting the buns from the supermarket, I decided to embrace the challenge and try making them myself. So, I went online and started looking for a recipe for burger buns with sourdough. I found some exciting techniques for mini burger buns with sourdough yeast and mixed them to create my own.

I have always found mini burger buns adorable, and I loved the idea of making them for my daughter. Because of the sourdough yeast, these generally require a long leavening, but it was not too bad in this case.

Ingredients (Serving size 14)

  • 175g of flour w 320-330 (I used Caputo Red)

  • 85g of water

  • 1/2 of a large egg

  • 27g of sugar

  • 15g of butter

  • 100g of sourdough refreshed 3 hours before

  • 4g of salt

  • 1 or 2 tablespoons of milk

And now

As with every sourdough yeast recipe, the yeast has to be prepared. The night before kneading, I chilled the dough in the refrigerator for a few hours to prevent it from rising too much. Then, I took it out and kept it at room temperature overnight.

I refreshed it again in the morning and waited for it to almost triple. If the yeast is formed and mature, it takes at most 3 to 4 hours. You should use the yeast at that stage and continue with the dough.

How to Make Mini Burger Buns with Sourdough Yeast

  • Add all the water, sugar, and sliced sourdough to the mixer dish. Shell the egg and beat it to allow it to liquid, then pour half of it into a mixer.

  • Cast aside the remaining egg. Before baking, you'll need to brush/polish your balls.

  • Add the flour and knead slowly until the ingredients have been integrated into a homogeneous dough.

  • Then, increase the speed of the mixer until the yeast turns into a string. This will take about 15-20 minutes.

Forming of gluten
Forming of gluten


NOTE: The dough is strung until it coils around the kneader hook and becomes semi-glossy, smooth, and elastic. To test if it is well working and strung, remove a piece of dough and carefully spread it with your fingers: the dough is perfect if you can stretch it thinly, making a veil that does not split. It's time to add more butter.


  • Knead before the butter has been added.

  • Add the salt and knead a bit more.

Now, the dough should be perfectly prepared.

Mini Burger Buns with Sourdough Yeast ready to bake
Mini Burger Buns with Sourdough Yeast redy to bake

  • Give it a circular shape; grease a Tupperware-like container with longitudinal walls and position it within. Squeeze it equally so that it touches the corners of the container, and with a marker used to write on the CDs, mark on the container at what point the dough reaches. This will help you understand if he has indeed risen.

  • Place the dough to rise at about 28°. You can put it in the oven with the light on, checking with a thermometer that the temperature does not rise too much. Wait for the dough to increase by 50% to its initial volume, then take it out and put it on a pastry board or work surface.

  • The first leavening takes about 5 hours, but the times depend on many factors, so it is a generic idea. Sizing and rounding of mini burgers with sourdough

  • To make balls of the same size accurately, weigh the dough and divide it by the weight you want to obtain for your balls. In my case, I divided by 30g, obtaining 14 balls.

  • At this point, divide the dough into portions of 30g (or of the weight you prefer) and round each piece: this operation is called pirlatura. Here, you can find several videos on how balls are formed.

  • Place the fresh-made balls, side by side, on a baking sheet filled with parchment paper; arrange them 4 or 5 cm apart so they will rise during leavening and then baking.

  • Keep the rolls up by wrapping the pan with a clean cloth and plastic bag to preserve the moisture and prevent the surface of the sourdough rolls from drying out.

  • Wait for the volume of the balls to double.

Cooking the Mini Burger Buns with Sourdough Yeast

  • Set the oven to 190 °C in static mode.

  • When the oven reaches temperature, spray the walls with water to generate moisture.

  • Then, use a tablespoon or two of the leftover egg milk.

  • Brush the balls with this blend, if you want you can scatter some with sesame and sunflower seeds. You may also use poppy, nigella, chia, linseed, etc.

  • Bake the balls for 15-20 minutes or until the top is golden. Remove from the oven and put them on a wire rack to cool.

Flavourful sourdough buns are ready for stuffing!

Mini Burger Buns with Sourdough Yeast are done
Mini Burger Buns with Sourdough Yeast

I love mine with Mozzarella and Mortadella, but you pick your filling :)

Mini Burger Buns ready to eat
Mini Burger Buns ready to eat

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